Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to refill a bottle ?

With manual hand pump :

OX-500 = about 15mn
OX-700 = about 20 mn
OX-1000 = about 30 mn ( not recommended )

You must refill the bottle in 5-minute sessions and let the pump cool down for one or two minutes due to the heat caused by the very high pressure.

With the caliper: between 2 and 3 minutes depending on the capacity of your bottle.

With the 12v mini compressor :

OX-500 : 12 mn
OX-700 : 15mn
OX-1000 : about 20 mn

It is necessary to make sure to fill the bottle in several times, stopping every 100 bars. For an OX-700 bottle, it is necessary to refill it in 2 times and it is necessary to count 3 pauses for an OX-1000 bottle.

How deep can the bottle work ?

In order to be used without any risk, Oxsea cylinders are designed to go down to a 3 meters depth. Nothing will prevent you from going deeper. However it is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to go deeper than 3 meters.

What happens if you go down below 3 meters deep ?

Nothing will happen on yourOxsea bottle, this limit has been set only to limit the risks for non-divers.
However, even at a depth of 3 meters there are risks for the user if the safety instructions are not followed.
If you go deeper than 3 meters, you take full responsibility for the dangers to which you expose yourself.

What happens if the maximum allowable pressure is exceeded ?

The products have been developed and tested to withstand pressure in excess of 200 bar. There is no risk of bursting if the pressure exceeds 200 bar, but the user must not exceed this pressure.

How do I know if there is any air left in the bottle ?

The pressure gauge integrated in the bottle allows you to check the pressure easily and quickly. You will still need to remove the bottle from your mouth to perform this check.

What is the equipment's lifespan ?

The equipment has been developed and tested over several dozen cycles, several hundred refills for the Oxsea cylinders, the manual pump and the compressor. The most extensive testing was done before the products were inspected and certified by an independent body to be placed on the market. And we continue to test our products to make them ever more reliable and safe.

What air is in the bottle ?

The bottle contains compressed air, i.e. the same air as the ambient air breathed by everyone. It is also the same air contained in conventional diving cylinders.

Can I refill the cylinder with an air compressor I have at home ?

No this is not possible for 2 reasons, the first is that standard compressors have working pressures of 15 to 20 bar maximum, our compressor is able to reach pressures above 200 bar. The second reason is a question of air quality, standard compressors do not have a filter to make the air breathable.

At what age can Oxsea bottles be used ?

The use of Oxsea bottles is forbidden to unaccompanied underage people.

Is the equipment certified ? Inspected and to standards ?

Oxsea equipment meets European certification standards as well as ISO standards.

Each equipment meets the mandatory application standards for sale.

What are the mandatory safety instructions to be observed ?

– Never block your breathing when going up or down.
– Never go lower if you feel any discomfort in your ears, nose or eyes.
– Never go up quickly (never faster than small air bubbles).
– Check your pressure gauge very regularly.
– Never use the Oxsea cylinder on the surface when the gauge needle is in the red zone.
It is also very important to explain these basic rules to anyone using the Oxsea product.

What is the underwater autonomy of Oxsea bottles ?

For the OX-500 bottle the autonomy varies from 5 to 8 minutes. Autonomy varies according to stress and breath control. It is advised to breathe normally and slowly to preserve autonomy.

For the OX-700 bottle the autonomy varies from 8 to 12 minutes. Autonomy varies according to stress and breath control. It is advised to breathe normally and slowly to preserve autonomy.

For the OX-1000 bottle the autonomy varies from 12 to 20 minutes. Autonomy varies according to stress and breath control. It is advised to breathe normally and slowly to preserve autonomy.

What is the solution to have as much autonomy as possible ?

You can choose the OX-1000 cylinders that will allow you to extend your autonomy.
You can also buy several Oxsea cylinders that you can load upstream of their use to multiply your autonomy.

Do the products need special maintenance ?

The frequency of Oxsea bottle inspection depends on the usage, annually if the product is used frequently. The maintenance must be done in an authorized center (close to a dive center) in order to check the cylinder’s internal condition and the complete system’s proper functioning.

It is also mandatory to clean all equipment with fresh water after each use.

Can the bottle be refilled with a bicycle pump ?

No, a bicycle pump is only capable of reaching pressures of 15 to 20 bar maximum. Our special hand pump is capable of reaching more than 200 pressure bar. Its special design (patented) allows a robust design and refilling of the bottle without any physical difficulty.
You will also be able to make several refills while respecting the cooling down time every 3 minutes.

Can we travel by plane with a bottle ?

It is not forbidden to travel with the bottle on the plane as long as it is empty, with the head of the bottle open and declared as such at boarding.
If necessary, the company can ask for the head to be disconnected from the bottle, this procedure is very simple and quick, just unscrew the top part of the bottle.

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