2 Cylinders OX700 + Manual hand pump

This bundle includes :

2x Cylinders OX700 :

The OX700 cylinder will provide you an underwater autonomy of 12 minutes. The lightness and the compact design will allow you to really enjoy the subaquatic experience.

1x Manual hand pump :

The manual hand pump will allow you to refill your cylinder from anywhere and at anytime. The manual pump is very easy and convenient to use. The main advantage of the pump is its lightness and ability to be used without any energy source.

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cylinder OX700

The perfect match

The OX700 cylinder is the perfect match if you are looking for an extended autonomy while keeping the minimalism of the oxsea cylinder.

Light and compact, it also has an air regulator to help you adjust the air flow regarding your needs. Your cylinder’s autonomy will be then maximized.

To use it, simply put the head of the bottle in your mouth and breathe normally.

The manual hand pump

Refill everywhere !

Thanks to the manual hand pump, you will be able to refill the OX700 cylinder in approximatively 20 minutes. The manual pump is very easy and convenient to use. The main advantage is its lightness and its ability to be used without any energy source.

The maximum operating pressure is 200 bar.

The manual pump comes with a high pressure hose to connect the pump to the bottle. The pump is set up with an air filter system in order to obtain a high quality air. A bag of 25 filters is supplied with each manual pump ( 1 filter = 5 fillings). Additional filter bags can be purchased here. Additional filter bags can be purchased here.


Optimal filtration

These filters are ready to use and can be mounted on the manual hand pump or on the mini compressor. These filters are a key component to have an optimal filtration of the compressed air in your Oxsea cylinder.

We have been working on filters that will help you to achieve a clean and purified air in your bottle.Thanks to our filters, you will be able to get rid of any moisture, particles or odours and be sure that you have an optimal air quality.


Cylinder OX-700


700 ml


37.6 x 7 Centimeters




18+ (Not recommended for minors without an adult)


8~12 minutes


1.5 Kilograms

Maximum Pressure

200 BAR | 200 MPA | 3000 PSI


Airflow adjustment

Manual hand pump


63 cm


21 cm


18 cm

Maximum Pressure

200 BAR | 200 MPA | 3000 PSI




Aluminum / Stainless Steel

Number of cylinders



2 Kg

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